We say it every year… where did the summer go? It especially feels true this year. The lazy days of summer are coming to an end and we are preparing our kiddos to return to the classroom, either in person or virtually.

While we continue to navigate our world during the pandemic, uncertainty looms in nearly every faucet of our lives.  While everyone has done their best to adapt and adjust, we continue to feel the winds of change as we learn more about the Delta variant and Covid restrictions.

Our children’s mental health and wellness is essential as we return to another school year during the pandemic.  Here are a few tips to ensure your child has the best experience possible, despite the changes and challenges we may face:

  1. Find the Helpers!  Mr. Rogers said it best, when we are in need, find the Helpers.  This can be a teacher, a neighbor, a coach, or the lady in the lunch line.  Positive adult supports will ensure your child has the support, encouragement, and guidance they need. 
  2. Check in!  It’s important not to assume that our kiddos are okay.  It’s important to check in consistently to review the highlights and lowlights of this new school year.  Remind your child that it’s okay not to be okay.  Remember, we need to normalize their feelings, not necessarily fix them.  Checking in reassures your child that you are there, and they are not alone.  It also allows you to seek additional support if needed.
  3. Embrace the Schedule!  Can all the parents say, AMEN??  Our children need structure.  Actually, research supports that all humans needs structure.  Let’s work to return to a daily routine that is predictable, yet flexible enough for the unexpected.  This includes trying to have dinner around the same time each evening.  Bath time, book time, and bedtime should also be consistent nightly.  This will allow for easier morning routines and restful sleep! The good news? Parents may get a few moments to rest once the house has settled!

As you and your family spend these last few days of summer together, we hope that you create special memories that will last a lifetime.  We are hoping for a smooth transition into the new school year!  If your family is in need to additional support during this schoolyear, please reach out to connect with one of our counselors: [email protected]

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