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Soothing an Anxious Mind in Therapy

It’s natural for any of us to feel anxious from time to time.  Walking into a job interview, waiting for test results, wondering how a difficult conversation will turn out.  Yes, anxiety is a natural part of the human experience.  For some however,...

Benefits of Journaling

Putting pen to paper has been a way of expressing ourselves long throughout history.  Exploring our thoughts and feelings are just as relevant today as it has been throughout the ages.  It is especially beneficial to improve your mental health and overall...

Top Self-Help Books for 2021

We have entered the New Year with a hope for healing, change, and peace.  We all seem to desire peace in our environments, but we also tend to crave internal peace and a sense of contentment.  One way to create your own platform of inner tranquility, is...

Let’s Talk Mental Health and Wellness!

Have you ever thought about how much our Mental Health contributes to our overall healthiness? The World Health Organization (WHO) declares that health is "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or...

How Loneliness Shows Up

Loneliness is a very specific experience that we probably have all faced at some point.  Whether temporary or longer than we’d like to admit, loneliness can be overwhelming sometimes.  Loneliness can come from so many circumstances.  Here are just a few...

Is Pandemic-Fatigue a Thing?

Have you found yourself saying, “I am so OVER this!”?  Anyone else feeling DONE with the global pandemic?  You are absolutely not along in your done-ness.  For nearly a year now, the entire world has collectively endured a traumatic experience. ...

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